Industrial Safety Solutions

Occupational accidents are one of the most frequently encountered problems, particularly in industrial production areas, and if precautions are not taken, employers face great material and immaterial difficulties.With its 16 years of experience, Wipelot offers globally proven solutions with various infrastructure options that can be developed according to needs in the field of occupational health and safety technologies.

Lone Worker

According to US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 274350 workplace accident occured in 2018 where 12% were resulted from fall downs and 5% due to slip downs.

Lone Worker System gives urgent alarms and reports emergency situations such as personnel fall downs, inactivity and help calls together with location data by the help of mobile tags and readers that installed strategically.

Wipelot Lone Worker


According to 2011-2017 US Bureau of Statistics, every year more than 1000 accidents occur due to forklift trucks which results in more than 100 loss of lives.

Safezone is a collision warning system that offers options with or without RTLS infrastructure. Safezone System send warning signals for 3 scenarios: Forklift to forklift, Forklift to pedestrian, Forklfit to equipment.

Motorized Safezone

SDS - Social Distance Tracking System

Covid-19 Pandemics has affected more than 100 million people and results in nearly 3 million deaths in the world.

Social Distance Tracking Solution sends warning signals to personnel via vibration in case of safe area violation. Also with SDS with infrastructre option, system provides detailed reports that includes contact history, filiation and foot prints.

Wipelot SDS - Social Distance Tracking System