Why the construction industry requires RTLS solutions?

The construction sector is a field where many variables such as personnel, equipment, and materials are managed in a complex manner. Finding and tracking the locations of personnel or inventory on large construction sites using traditional methods can lead to time and resource loss. Wipelot's industry-specific RFID and RTLS-based IIoT solutions help optimize these processes. Integrated with big data and reporting systems, these solutions enable you to streamline processes, increase efficiency, and enhance your competitiveness.

Wipelot's specialized IIoT systems for the construction sector offer innovative solutions to enhance efficiency and maximize productivity.

How RTLS Modules Redefine Efficiency in Construction?

Wipelot's RTLS and AI-based smart construction modules are designed to make your construction operations smarter and more efficient. The system combines data analysis, automation, and IoT technologies to optimize your construction processes. Wipelot's IIoT-based construction modules track equipment, vehicles, and personnel in real-time across different sites, both outdoors and indoors, and enhance operational efficiency through extensive data analysis.

Construction RTLS Modules

Personnel Safety

This module ensures precise tracking and personnel safety in all underground or surface construction sites. It operates independently and allows for location precision adjustment based on specific needs. Integrated with a social distancing tracking system and a lone worker safety system, it instantly detects situations such as falls or inactivity of personnel and automatically counts personnel in emergency assembly areas. It tracks personnel entry and exit times, identifies hazardous and restricted area violations, and is compliant with attendance and occupational health and safety regulations.

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Equipment Tracking

This module provides real-time tracking for both motorized and non-motorized vehicles and equipment on all construction sites, whether underground or surface. It keeps records of equipment working hours, offers historical route data, and generates reports on speed violations and driver behavior. Additionally, it regulates vehicle speed and monitors vehicle direction to maintain a safe working environment. It also oversees engine status, calculates distance traveled, and aids in maintenance and fuel management. Furthermore, it enhances efficiency and safety by automatically matching and authorizing vehicle operators.

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Traffic Management & Collision Warning

This technology plays a significant role in enhancing traffic flow, cutting down fuel expenses, and boosting operational efficiency at construction sites, particularly in areas like highway and subway tunnels. Its adaptable design allows for centralized monitoring and management, creating a communication network spanning several kilometers. Moreover, it offers a secure safety zone around vehicles, which can be customized to prevent collisions and ensure the safety of both equipment and personnel. Thanks to its closed-circuit operation, it remains unaffected by general system failures, ensuring uninterrupted functionality.

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Task Management - ASSOS

ASSOS facilitates task assignment and management for personnel and vehicles. It provides remote access to the field from a single point, allowing tasks to be accepted or declined instantly. Information can be input based on the vehicle type, providing real-time information on which operator uses the vehicle. Furthermore, it is resilient to challenging working conditions and enhances operational traceability, enabling you to measure efficiency.

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Environmental Parameters & Meter Readings

This module continuously measures, records, and evaluates environmental parameter values at the construction site in real-time, generating alarms when specific parameter thresholds are exceeded. It operates in a closed-loop system via the Wipelot sensor network, independent of GSM networks or other external connections. It can be integrated with existing sensors used on construction sites and helps optimize energy efficiency. It performs measurements for environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, light, CO2, and more. It is also extensometer-compatible. Alarms can be transmitted to authorized personnel via email and SMS.

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Analytics and Optimization

This module is an artificial intelligence solution that optimizes task and work durations through the analysis of historical task and location data collected from the system. It evaluates equipment and personnel performance, reducing route times, movement durations, and quantities for equipment through route optimization. It provides automatic data entry and offers various reports, including vehicle activity reports, vehicle distance exceeded reports, historical footprints, and heat maps. Additionally, it offers real-time equipment and personnel location and activity reports, driver behavior reports, driving violations, and distance traveled reports, contributing to more efficient operations.

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Increase in Efficiency


Increase in Traceability


Reduction in Equipment-Related Work Accidents


Multi-Site Area Monitoring in the Construction Industry

Wipelot's IIoT-based construction solutions combine active and passive RFID infrastructures with UWB-based technologies to simultaneously and instantly track equipment, vehicles, and personnel in different locations, both indoors and outdoors. This contributes significantly to improving operational efficiency through extensive data analysis.

Monitoring and managing tens of thousands of assets (machinery, vehicles, non-motorized equipment, personnel) across different countries' construction sites through a single system make international construction projects more streamlined. This award-winning innovative approach simplifies coordinating operations in the global construction sector and aids in the management of operational processes.

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Sustainable Efficiency with Data Analysis and Detailed Reporting

Wipelot's real-time location tracking software, Lotus, and the flow analysis and optimization module, Flow Analytics, elevate asset visibility and provide detailed insights into operational processes in facilities. This enables performance measurement for efficiency and helps mitigate potential risks in occupational safety.

  • Real-Time Personnel & Equipment Tracking
  • Local or Cloud-Based Server Support
  • Zone Count & Emergency Muster Area Reports
  • Personnel Emergency & Social Distancing Violation Reports
  • Vehicle Footprint & Heat Map Reports
  • Driver Habits & Speeding Reports
  • Driving Distance Reports
  • Signaling Violation Reports
  • Task & Production Planning Screen
  • Data Analysis & Optimization Support
  • And More...


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Wipelot is a member of Omlox, the UWB Alliance, and the FiRa Consortium, which unite tech companies that manufacture their own hardware and software systems, with a focus on UWB technology solutions. Wipelot has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing tech companies on the TOBB 100 and Deloitte Technology Fast 50 lists. It has also received numerous awards for its industrial IoT projects in both Turkiye and abroad.