Digital Transformation in Aviation with RFID and IIoT Technologies

The aviation industry encompasses large airports and airline companies, which brings forth a set of unique challenges in terms of management.

Thanks to Wipelot's RTLS and artificial intelligence-based IIoT systems, real-time tracking of personnel, visitors, and facility equipment becomes achievable. This opens up opportunities for optimizing maintenance processes and enhancing workplace safety. Furthermore, this technology tailored to the aviation industry's specific needs in the RTLS field reduces management costs while increasing operational efficiency. Facilities and ground service companies equipped with this innovative technology not only gain a competitive advantage but also experience significant benefits in terms of productivity and occupational safety.

Wipelot's specialized RTLS and IIoT systems for the aviation industry offer innovative solutions to enhance operational efficiency and minimize costs.

RTLS in Aviation: Track personnel, equipment, and more

Wipelot's RTLS and IIoT modules offer significant benefits in terms of security, efficiency, and operational effectiveness within the aviation industry. Thanks to these technologies, aviation companies can better manage their operations and gain a competitive edge.

Aviation RTLS Modules

Personnel Safety

This module enables real-time tracking of personnel and visitors within aviation facilities, raising security standards and enhancing employee productivity. Airports and facilities bolster security measures by monitoring visitor numbers and identities in real-time, detecting falls and inactivity for swift response during emergencies. It tracks entry and exit times of personnel and identifies violations in dangerous or restricted zones.

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Equipment Tracking

This module provides real-time tracking of both motorized and non-motorized vehicles, as well as maintenance and repair equipment within airports. It also monitors the working hours of motorized service vehicles such as tugs and loaders, offers historical route information, reports speed violations, and tracks driver habits. It keeps tabs on engine status, calculates distance traveled, and assists with maintenance and fuel management. Furthermore, it facilitates automatic vehicle-operator pairing and authorization, promoting more efficient and secure operation. For non-motorized equipment like baggage carts and staircases within airports, it swiftly identifies their locations, thereby enhancing operational efficiency.

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Environmental Parameters & Meter Readings

This module instantaneously measures, records, evaluates, and generates alarms when environmental parameters such as temperature, sound, humidity, light, CO2, and others surpass specified values within airports. Alarms can be transmitted to authorized personnel via email and SMS. Operating independently of the GSM network or any other external network, it operates on a closed-circuit basis through the Wipelot sensor network.

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Analytics and Optimization

This module is an artificial intelligence solution that optimizes task and work durations through the analysis of historical task and location data collected from the system. It evaluates equipment and personnel performance, reducing route times, movement durations, and quantities for equipment through route optimization. It provides automatic data entry and offers various reports, including vehicle activity reports, vehicle distance exceeded reports, historical footprints, and heat maps. Additionally, it offers real-time equipment and personnel location and activity reports, driver behavior reports, driving violations, and distance traveled reports, contributing to more efficient operations.

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Increase in operational efficiency


Increase in Traceability


Reduce in empty-mile durations


Sustainable Efficiency with Data Analysis and Detailed Reporting

Wipelot's real-time location tracking software, Lotus, and the flow analysis and optimization module, Flow Analytics, elevate asset visibility and provide detailed insights into operational processes in facilities. This enables performance measurement for efficiency and helps mitigate potential risks in occupational safety.

  • Personnel – Contractor – Visitor Location Tracking
  • Fall & Inactivity Alerts
  • Restricted Zone Creation & Violation Reports
  • Equipment Location Tracking and Performance Analysis
  • Interaction Map
  • Footprint & Heat Map Reports
  • Local or Cloud-Based Server Support
  • Man-Hour Savings
  • Equipment-Hour Savings
  • Precise Resource Planning
  • Instant Access to Real-Time Information
  • Sustainable Efficiency and Cost Management
  • Rising Customer Satisfaction


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Wipelot is a member of Omlox, the UWB Alliance, and the FiRa Consortium, which unite tech companies that manufacture their own hardware and software systems, with a focus on UWB technology solutions. Wipelot has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing tech companies on the TOBB 100 and Deloitte Technology Fast 50 lists. It has also received numerous awards for its industrial IoT projects in both Turkiye and abroad.

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