Rules Of Business Ethics

In the scope of “Hardware Design and Manufacturing Services for Indoor - Outdoor Locating Systems, Personnel Occupational Safety Tracking Systems, Ambient Meter Reading (Humidity, Gas, Light) RFID Systems and System Software Design, Research, Development and Sales Services”, Wipelot Teknoloji Sanayi A.Ş. has adopted the following headings as its business ethics policy.


Integrity governs all our transactions, both internally and with third parties. We are guided by integrity and truthfulness in all our actions and interactions.


Employees shall not divulge any information about their work and their organization. An employee shall not share the work-related information, company secrets, employee wages, employee benefits, employee training programs, details about customers, suppliers, company-specific information, commercial secrets, business plans and strategic plans, financial information, R&D projects, the company’s production schemes as well as all commercial and personal information relating to these, including but not limited to all kinds of commercial, financial, legal, technical, administrative, etc. information and documents with unauthorized third parties. Such information is strictly confidential and it is the duty of company staff to ensure it remains so. This responsibility prevails even after an employee has stopped working for the organization. We may all have access to private information about our company, colleagues, customers and suppliers. We shall use such information responsibly and solely for professional purposes to the extent required by our duties and the laws, and share it only with authorized persons.

Conflict of Interest

All employees shall protect the interests of the company when carrying out the requirements of their roles, and avoid situations in which the individual interests and the interest of the company might be in a conflict. Individual relationships with suppliers and customers can create a basis for a conflict of interest. Thus, we shall avoid creating situations with the potential to give rise to a conflict of interest. We shall not obtain personal benefits from individuals or organizations, or accept favors. Company staff shall not exploit the company resources for their own ends. We shall avoid all actions and behavior aimed at providing benefits for ourselves or our relatives by leveraging the company’s name, reputation and position. We shall not disclose sensitive information we possess through our role and position in the company and we shall not use such information for our personal interests and the interests of our relatives.


The company fulfils all its responsibilities towards its employees, business partners, customers, suppliers, competitors, society and the environment. The employees are obliged to adhere to company rules with regard to management, compliance, discipline, health and safety, and all other instructions, rules and procedures relating to those issued by the company. The employees are obliged to work in harmony with their colleagues and managers; to establish good and humane relations with private or official entities and organizations that have a relationship with the company, and to perform their work honestly and expeditiously. The employees shall prioritize creating a working environment characterized by mutual respect, cooperation and equal opportunities, where the behavioral patterns involving unprofessional conduct, harassment and malicious intentions are not tolerated.

Responsibility for compliance with laws and regulations

All employees of the Company shall undertake to act in accordance with the laws and regulations, to avoid any action that could harm them or the Company in any way, and to take all possible precautions in this regard. They shall acknowledge that they will not violate the Labor Code, the Penal Code, the Personal Data Protection Act and other laws and regulations, and that otherwise they may be held liable.

Responsibility to Duty

Employees shall perform their duties with the utmost attention and care both at the office and during visits to customers.

Responsibility Towards the Environment and Society

Employees shall undertake to be respectful towards the environment and society, and to comply with the community rules.

Responsibility to Comply with Workplace Principles and Rules

Employees shall comply with workplace rules communicated orally or in writing, keep themselves up to speed with any updates to these rules, and to comply with them.

Responsibility to show consideration in personal behavior and interactions

All employees shall agree to conduct themselves properly and respectfully in their interactions with their colleagues, managers and stakeholders.

Responsibility towards Employees

The Company agrees to act in accordance with the rules of business ethics, rules of the workplace, all laws and regulations, and to be equal and fair to all employees. It shall treat the employees honestly and fairly, and ensure a non-discriminatory, safe and healthy working environment. It shall make the necessary efforts for the personal development of its employees.

Responsibility towards Customers

All employees of the Company shall agree to conduct themselves in line with social rules and conventions in their interactions with customers, and to work with diligence and maintain the confidentiality of the customer data, including but not limited to all kinds of commercial, financial, legal, technical, administrative, etc. information.

Responsibility towards competitors and compliance with competition rules

Company employees shall be careful and considerate in their dealings with competitors and abide by the rules to prevent unfair competition. Otherwise, they shall accept that they will be held liable.

Responsibility Towards the Environment and Society

Employees undertake to be respectful towards the environment and society, and to comply with the community rules.

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